About 16 Points

Founded in 2016, 16 Points LLC is a FINRA and SEC registered broker dealer that acts as a selling agent for private placements, provides advisory services, and makes referrals to other broker dealers, with a focus on placements to investors in private companies and alternative assets. 


Our approach is methodical and quantitative, incorporating extensive experience through several market cycles with proprietary data on our investors to optimize our contact with them to fulfill our mandates.  We have built rigor into our understanding of the products we represent to help our investors make informed investment decisions and manage their portfolios to best achieve their goals.

Our goal is to be a solution provider to our investors, with the ability to introduce an investment with the potential to add a correlation or risk-adjusted return benefit to any portfolio.  To this end 16 Points has developed relationships with a small number of high-quality private companies and niche investment managers across a range of strategies, including fundamental and quantitative equity, high yield credit, life settlements, energy and commodities arbitrage, and volatility arbitrage.


16 Points is licensed to distribute in all 50 state and territories of the United States.  Over the past decades our team has developed an extensive network of contacts with investors in private and alternative assets including pensions, endowments, foundations, consultants, funds, single and multi-family offices, and registered investment advisors.

Track Record

With over 100 years of combined experience working in the United States, Europe, and Asia, our team has placed a combined total of more than $4.3 billion of investments among various institutional and high net worth investors.